Switch 4.1 Adds New Inspection Capabilities, Support for VP9 and More!

We are excited to announce the recent release of Switch 4.1! Switch is a great tool for quickly inspecting, correcting, and playing your videos. This new release adds inspection capabilities for AFD, support for Google VP9 video format and additional improvements to the features you already love!

Here’s what’s new in Switch 4.1

Additional Inspection Capability

New to 4.1 is the ability to decode and display Active Format Description (AFD) codes in the metadata frame overlay. Decoding and displaying AFD means you can now verify protected areas to ensure proper aspect ratio changes.

Support for Google VP9 Video Format

We’ve also added support for decoding and playing the Google VP9 video format. Being able to decode and play VP9 means you can now playback and verify content you plan to use on Google video platforms like YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV – or anywhere else VP9 codec is used.

Improvements and Additions

Switch 4.1 also includes other improvements to make inspecting, correcting and playing your videos even easier.

  • We’ve added more efficient subtitling and captioning tools to make it easier for you to make your videos accessible
  • To improve your efficiency and speed we’ve added additional keyboard shortcuts
  • Enhancements to setting flags and flag titling means you’ll now see more precise information about your video
  • New to 4.1 is persistent mute/unmute and audio volume that will be prompted when you open new videos

The latest additions to Switch have made inspecting captions, checking sync and accuracy even easier than before. For complete details on the latest update to Switch 4.1, including features and fixes, please read the release notes.

To learn more about Switch or our video solutions, visit our website. Or, feel free to call us directly at 1-530-470-1300 to discuss your workflow needs.

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