Don’t Let the Next Live Streaming Disaster to Happen to You

Delivering a high-quality live streaming event on a large-scale is a difficult and unpredictable task. The challenge is creating quality content and delivering it on time.  And when viewers spend a lot of money to watch a live event, they expect flawless content.

So, when something goes wrong – you better be able to fix it immediately (or even better, before it ruins your live event).

The problem with troubleshooting during a live event is determining where the video feed is going wrong. Locating the problem takes passive monitoring and active testing on the entirety of the delivery chain.

This may sound simple, but producing a live event involves several companies in the end-to-end delivery chain. Companies that create and produce ad-insertion markers, subtitles, audio formats, resolution and picture quality. Plus, content delivery networks that feed the live stream to networks such as cable, DSL, fiber, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G mobile. Typically, these are all separate companies, so locating a problem can take some time (time you don’t have).

To learn how to provide an early warning system for video feed problems read the complete article, Preventing the Next Big Live-Streaming Failure.

Or, visit our website to learn more about IneoQuest and proper network testing.

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