Why Should You Automate Your Quality Control (QC)?

Over the years, the broadcast industry has moved away from tape-based workflows to file-based workflows. Since this transition, Quality Control (QC) has become an important factor in ensuring the reliable delivery of quality content.

Adding QC tools to your media supply chain increases efficiency and consistency by identifying and correcting problems. QC saves resources and can even prevent costly fines and lawsuits.

Common problems such as files being encoded at the wrong time, audio loudness, incorrect captions or timecode, freeze frames, and other issues can often occur.

The best way to avoid these unwanted complications and to handle the accumulation of files and formats is to automate your QC. Workflow integration of QC improves and ensures the quality of the content being delivered.

In our webinar, Quality Control for File Based Media and Telestream’s Vidchecker Products, we outline the top reasons why you should add Vidchecker QC to your file-based workflow.

5 Big Reasons to Automate Quality Control

  1. File inspection: Thorough checks of file, video and audio parameters as well as video and audio quality, legality and correctness.
  2. File correction: Not only checks video and audio, but also intelligently corrects out of spec video levels and audio levels including loudness.
  3. Processing speed: Fast parallel processing. Uses all available CPUs, cores and threads – no GPU required.
  4. Workflow integration: Seamlessly integrate QC into your Vantage workflow. Easy workflow support – use multiple watch folders with filtering, automatically send reports, and move files on pass / fail / correction.
  5. Usability: Use pre-defined templates for many common delivery specifications, one-click template creation from known “good” sample files, and configured and adjusted templates.

Want more? Click here to see our live webinar schedule or click here to download the “Definitive Guide to File-based Media QC”.

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