Why an All-In-One Streaming Solution Can Save You a Lot of Headaches



Live streaming is hard. No denying it. Well, it’s not hard to turn on your phone pop open Periscope or your Facebook app and tap “Live.” But if you want to do anything more complex than give folks a rambling dissertation on your day’s events or how much you like bacon – yeah, it get’s pretty tricky.

ptz-optics-12x-sdi-front You need cameras.



You need microphones.


blue-4-light-kitLighting? Yup, probably.






What about capture cards? What the heck are capture cards? Well, they help you plug your camera into your computer.





Oh yeah, don’t forget about a computer! You’ll need one of those.


Switching/encoding software? That would be handy. Just because you have a computer and some cameras, doesn’t mean you’re home free yet.



What are you going to do about titles and graphics? You might want those.






Did you have slides or videos you wanted to play? What about music and photos? How did you plan on bringing in that extra content?





How about an internet connection? Can’t just use your phone, remember?





Where are you going to stream? Facebook? YouTube? Ustream? Churchstreaming.tv? More than one? You might want to get your accounts setup.


Now turn it all on, and make it work… your audience is waiting.

Yes. Live streaming is hard. Sometimes you don’t want to figure all that out by yourself. Or you don’t have time. Sometimes you just want some help on your journey to making better live streams.


That’s honestly why we made Wirecast Gear.

Telestream’s First All-In-One Live Streaming System


We wanted to take the headaches out of getting a great quality live streaming setup… well, set up!  We decided to build a computer that was powerful enough to stream HD video anywhere you needed. That ALREADY had a great video capture card installed in it. And had all the software you needed loaded onto it already.

We wanted to build something that makes it SO EASY to stream to Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, Wowza, and over 30+ other destinations.

And, we didn’t want you to be alone. We wanted to give you the kind of support you needed and asked for. The kind of support anyone should be able to expect if they bought a new product to do something difficult and challenging.

The goal was to save you a lot of headaches. To offer something to our customers that made a complex job a lot easier. Something that was ready to use, out of the box.

We believe we achieved that goal. If you’d like to find out more about Wirecast Gear, click the link below.

Find out more about Wirecast Gear.

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