Live Streaming, How You’ve Grown – 600% This Year Alone

Chart of the Day - Live Streaming Up 600%

I recently tweeted that according to comScore, Minutes of Viewed Live Stream Video have grown by 600%. Six hundred percent. I wish my stock portfolio had that kind of growth. Seriously though, it just shows how important this whole live streaming space has become. And just as you thought, time for the big boys to get in the game.

Google just announced YouTube’s online test that will wrap up tonight for a new live streaming service, yes its very own. This small test is an alpha that a few streaming partners are participating in, namely Rocketboom, Young Hollywood and Howcast, among others. TechCrunch also had more to say on the announcement. Makes you wonder what Ustream, Livestream and are thinking right now. Yep, they are all Telestream Wirecast partners. Are we watching this closely? You bet.

It reminds me of the internet in the mid-90’s. I was there watching, like some of you, as companies like Yahoo, Amazon and others skyrocketed in popularity. Some of us rode that wave well, and some didn’t. But this time around, the wave is a different kind. And I predict this is just the beginning of the set.

What do you think, is the industry maturing more rapidly this time, or are we in the equivalent of 1997 right now?


  1. Hulusi Kamanli

    To be honest, i reckon Televisions days are numbered..

    People are very fickle these days about content, and don’t like being told that what time to watch something or program directors ideas of whats “Popular”. Plus don’t get me started on how people distrust the mainstream media these days. Everybody is seeking alternatives, niches that appeal to there interests.

    This is not trends we are seeing, Its a media revolution!

  2. Craig Burgess

    Hi Hulusi,

    Great comment. We were just talking about the changing role of TV this morning. “How long before they pay us to watch?” was what another Telestreamer said while we were getting coffee. We were talking about all the choices available now: cable internet and TV, DSL, satellite TV etc., and how many different ways there was to consume video content.

    Some of our customers are networks, so we LOVE the networks. And I think they are working furiously to adjust their business model and approach, at least it seems like they are. They better be or they will be paying us to watch!

  3. Hulusi Kamanli


    Paying us to watch television, now that a occupation i could get used to.

    They best play catch up..

    Just wondering how Advertisers will adapt to this change? There is also allot of potential for engaging the audience with social media and interactive content.. Its all up to the imagination!

    Make way for the next generation of media moguls! The guy with a simple setup (Webcam and Wirecast) can become a intentional household name, with the click of his mouse.

  4. CraigS

    And Live Streaming opens the door to new approaches to programing as well. It’ll be easy to do live video call ins or panel discussions by Skype or the equivalent

    Imagine LIVE news where field reporters need only a cell phone to send a live image far faster, less expensive, more convenient than a satellite truck.

    Viewers can talk to each other real time via chat (as well as show producers) while shows are happening.

    In this history of computers some of the biggest success were started by people working in their garages or dens. Now the next big news or talk shows will begin that way as well.

  5. CraigS

    Not only do I expect to see FaceTime on Mac and Windows, Apple has Opened the technology behind FaceTime much as they did with WebKit (now common as the backbone for many browsers).

    The growth of live streaming between this year and next will continue to trend up rapidly. I don’t doubt we’ll see breakthrough live streaming programs that will begin to compete with cable.

  6. Craig Burgess

    It’s fun to think of the possibilities for webcasting now that the tools like Wirecast are within reach of so many motivated people. It’s becoming more about personality, relevancy, content and consistency. I love it!

    @CraigS I had no idea that the API was open, they have big plans for that, as Hulusi brought up already (thanks for the links). That is good news for all involved.

    @Hulusi I think the whole disruptive Youtube wave is just hitting the shore with livestreaming, and we aren’t even seeing the tip of the iceberg, I believe the latent demand is HUGE. Imagine the millions of people with video or digi cameras that are already comfortable uploading their lives and experiences to the web for friends and public viewing. Now add the easy ability to do it live, and it’s easy to see why the predictions are calling for most of the internet traffic to be video in the next few years.

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