What Camera Do You Use with ScreenFlow?

ScreenFlow is great at capturing what’s going on on-screen. But what if you want to add a video of your talking head, or stream in other video for your screencasts? What kind of camera should you use to capture your video?

The easiest answer, which many of you undoubtedly know, is the built in webcam or iSight camera on your Mac. But for those looking for a second input or an external webcam, what should you look for?

In general, ScreenFlow works with most standard definition cameras that have a live video firewire or USB output. ScreenFlow does not currently support HDV devices, however most HDV cameras have a DV mode which does work with ScreenFlow.

There’s been a lot of discussion about webcams and camcorders in the past year on our Forum. I’ve compiled links to some of the most relevant posts here:

If you use an external camera: What do you use, and why do you like it? Please post your comments here and we’ll compile the answers as a resource for new ScreenFlow users.


    • Noteguy

      I just purchased the P2V, directly recorded with professional lighting…etc, but quality was poor when received directly into ScreenFlow. How do you make your P2V give you good results? Do you record with separate capture software (if so what) and then import into ScreenFlow? I also purchased a new Canon HV40, all excited about importing into ScreenFlow; but just discovered this is virtually impossible from what I am reading.

      I am a bit depressed. I need both ScreenFlow for screencasts and high quality video for vodcast final product.

    • Lynn Elliott

      Excellent video, Scott. Thank you so much for sharing that.
      I encourage everyone to click over and watch Scott’s video. He has a couple of great tricks and tips in there.

  1. Amanda Coon

    I’m trying to use a Canon Vixia HF R800. I have the USB plugged in but it doesn’t seem like ScreenFlow is seeing it because the only option I have to record video from is my built in web cam. HELPPPPP

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